How Wearable Technology has made our Life Easier

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Technology is ever changing and enhancing. Every day we see new discoveries being made which leave us in awe. When we talk about communication technology, base phones came first. Then came the Era of Wireless mobiles and Smartphones which raged through the 21st Century. Now the latest buzz in the market is wearable technology, one which leaves us amazed. Who would have thought that wearables would make our life comfortable and it is just the starting. So, let’s take a sneak peek into this emerging field.

What is Wearable Technology?

smartwatch - How Wearable Technology has made our Life Easier

These are the gadgets which we can slip on our body or can be embedded into the material of our dress that we wear. Apple’s been a huge player in this industry with their watch. These are also known by many other names such as wearables, fashion gadgets, smart gadgets etc. Generally these are App and software based gadgets, which collect our data and transfer it to apps via Internet, where it could be used for further analysis.

These gadgets are becoming handy in both personal and business front. There are various fields where you can see wearables emerging. Some of them are:

  • Healthcare
  • Fashion Accessory
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Navigation

Biggest rage came in this industry with introduction of Activity Tracker and Smart Watches which opened up a whole new world of Wi-Fi technology to the consumers.

Benefits of Wearable Technology

  • Safety: Keeping in view the current state of safety in our country, these gadgets are like a ray of light to us. They provide latest GPS location, Navigation details and audio accumulated from our mobiles on the go to our contacts. Thus ensuring our safety and security.
  • Fitness: Activity tracker has become a household device, from college going students to elders in the family are seen wearing them. It has greatly increased the awareness of healthy living. Fitness gadgets monitor heartbeat, metabolic activities and helps you by being aware of the same.
  • Fashion Accessory: Generally these gadgets are trendy looking and fashionable which goes in line with today’s generation.
  • Easy to Use: They are user-friendly, helps in multitasking, and can be operated on the go, which is a must for today’s generation, who are always on the run.
  • Entertainment: Virtual reality has opened up a whole new horizon for us, experiencing different level of media through these gadgets. VR headsets and glasses are some which are being actively used in gaming and entertainment media.
  • Connectivity: The Need of current time is to remain connected and such gadgets fulfil requirements like checking calls, messages and mails on the move without the hassle of handling the phone. They also help you remain connected to the appliances at your home like AC, lights.

Future of Wearables

This is just the beginning of a Revolution, just as smartphones hit us: a big wave of wearables are going to come. It is believed that by 2025 they would be like part and parcel of our life. They will make our life easier with time.


An Revolution: Electric Cars

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A revolutionary idea that still needs to be accepted and worked on and to get accustomed to masses is that of electric cars. The concept might be sounding familiar right? In this era when the prices of petrol and diesel seem to be competing with the sky limits the concept of electric autonomous cars comes as a life saver.

These electric cars run with the aid of a single or multiple electric motors combined to derive energy from DC batteries which are absolutely chargeable. So the amount you would have been spending on fuel you can save it all for yourself.

How do electric cars work?

elec cars 300x225 - An Revolution: Electric Cars

Electric cars chiefly comprises of-

  • DC controller
  • DC battery
  • DC motor

Basically these cars convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The source being the batteries which can be charged in-house or at charging stations.

Why we call it a revolutionary concept?

The world we are living in, the most common complaints we have are of population and pollution. We cannot control the former one but of course we can give our bit to save the environment and this is what makes the concept of electric cars a revolutionary idea. Now coming onto the pros:

  • Pocket friendly- since these cars are using your electricity units which are a way cheaper than the cost of your fuel per unit.
  • Environment friendly-these vehicles are absolutely silent and smoke free so that obviously is a great contribution to our environment.
  • Renewable energy which of course reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Low maintenance – The amount you were spending on the servicing of your automobiles like you changing the engine oil, cleaning the radiators, exhaust system set can now be ignored completely. All you need to maintain is the brakes and tires and replacing the batteries when they are worn out because nothing is forever.
  • Safety benefits – the explosive fuels not being used lowers the risk of your vehicle exploding. Also they have a lower center of gravity which improves the stability of the vehicle.
  • Lesser use of mechanics brings down the production cost which makes it affordable to most economic classes.

Why electric cars are still a challenge?

ec - An Revolution: Electric Cars

Electric cars have very limited driving range in cold weather.

As we discussed, everything cannot be perfect. So the challenges to be worked on are to be considered as well. These challenges are:

  • Limited driving range – A battery once charged, can only last for a certain distance. So one cannot just randomly take any route. Which means the routes must be preplanned. Not for long drives lovers
  • Long charging time – Standing in queue for fuel is still less time consuming as compared to charging batteries for hours
  • Power to weight ratio is low which affects the performance of electric cars
  • Less demand in market – Due to less awareness and advertisement probably these cars are not becoming common to masses.

Still a revolution?

Yes, the concept still is. Perhaps in future, when collaborated with new innovations, it will overcome its shortcomings. I’m sure they’re working on it at this very moment.