When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong: Calgary’s Paul Wallace Weighs In

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What happens when high tech science goes wrong? Explosions and errors in the computer world. But did you know it could happen to people too? People undergoing cosmetic enhancements face the same high-tech problems in today’s society. So let’s dive right in! Plastic surgery have become very common these days. Every other person out there is going for surgical procedures to bring changes in their physical appearances, either in the name of beauty or for medical purposes. The most common types of surgery that are in demand these days are breast/buttocks augmentation, facial uplifting, Botox and liposuction. Our Calgary plastic surgery doctor would like to share with you his thoughts in an interview. Although some surgery might turn out to be wondrous and long-lasting, there are some cases too where they go extremely wrong. To understand what types of plastic surgery are there and what harmful side-effects it can cause to a person, read ahead to have an idea of what happens when plastic surgery go wrong.

Calgary Plastic Surgery Paul Wallace Interview

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Dr. Wallace is planning to open his own private practice in the city of Calgary, Alberta. We were able to have him answer a few questions for us.

So Paul, what are the types of plastic surgery?

In order to understand what surgery is performed for what purpose; one either gets it done to beautify themselves which is called a cosmetic surgery or to fix the damaged features of the body which is called a reconstructive surgery.

  • Cosmetic Surgery: One gets this done to enhance or augment their physical features, such lips, nose, cheeks or breasts to make them look more attractive according to one’s desires.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: This is usually performed for fixing damaged or disfigured body parts, such as a broken nose, misplaced jawline and even reattaching body parts, if detached through accidents.
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For beauty, many people around the world go under the knife to obtain a better image.

Methods of Performing these types of surgery:

  1. Body Lifting And Tucking:

This surgical procedure comprises many types of uplifts and tucks around the body that entirely changes one’s look. Hips and breasts can be lifted up nicely to give them a nice appearance by adding more fat or silicone pads inside to bring a round-shape appearance. Areas like: the arms and thighs are uplifted to really tighten the muscles in these areas minus the fat. Uplifting is mostly done around the facial areas like the face and neck which includes removing double-chin fat, uplifting the nose and cheeks and around the eyes to remove loose skin and wrinkles from all over the face.

  1. Augmentation Procedures:

This process is mainly done to increase the size and to re-shape a certain body part, such as the breasts, cheeks, and lips. The breasts are either filled with a liquid solution or silicone pads that are inserted into them, whereas for the face, liquid solutions are filled to increase their size.

  1. Liposuction:

This procedure is the opposite of augmentation or uplifting. Many women who do not like excessive bulks in areas like thighs, tummy area, arms, and neck go for liposuction. It helps in removing the excess fats through a needle insertion process with the numbing of these areas, so that fat can be pulled out from the body. This fat can further be used in other areas to increase the size of the desired body parts.

  1. Rejuvenation Facial Treatments:

The term “Rejuvenation” means to restore or make one look young again. There are treatments that help in restoring the skin cells back to original by removing wrinkles, spots, and even dark circles which comes under the skin rejuvenation process. Other processes of rejuvenation include the lifting of the brow area to remove frown lines from forehead and wrinkles on the sides of the eyes. There are also filler treatments that help in filling out empty skin pores or filling in the lips to make them appear smoother and thicker in shape.

Side-Effects Of Plastic Surgery that make them Go Wrong:

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Our Calgary plastic surgery expert Paul Wallace believes that the operations aren’t worth the trouble, recovery time, and pain. Beauty is expensive.

  1. Life-Threatening Problems: Many people aren’t aware of the aftermath of such surgery that involve life-threatening issues, such as allergic reactions and loss of blood count causing anemia or deficiencies of iron and vitamins from the body. This could further result in heart failure during operations too.
  2. Permanent Nerve Damage: One small mistake during the surgery can cost a damage of a lifetime. surgery are extremely risky and one should do heavy research before getting such surgery done by doctors who are well-experienced and qualified. Even if there is small nerve damage in the body, the pain tends to remain forever and might even lead to nervous system failure or paralysis of the affected body part.
  3. Explosion Of Implants Inside The Body: There have been a huge number of reported cases where the implants have exploded due to various reasons. One such case was reported where a woman collapsed on an airport due to her breast implants exploding which was caused by the pressures of higher altitude compression in the plane.
  4. Internal Bleeding Due To Explosion Of Implants: Internal bleeding is one of the most dangerous situations one can ever endure. Due to the explosion of implants inside the body, the impact of the explosion causes the blood vessels or veins to tear apart and start leaking the blood inside the body which might even result in a sudden death.
  1. Permanent Loss Of Breast Tissue Due To Infection In Breasts: During a breast augmentation, there can be risks of losing important nutrients and tissues from the area as it involves the process of drainage. A woman had suffered from horrible infection due to this procedure which resulted in a permanent loss of her breast tissues.
  1. Dysfunctional Body Muscle Movements: One may face dysfunctional movements of muscles after the surgery due to a sudden change in the fat levels of the body. Those who get liposuction done may find their muscles to be weaker whereas those who go for augmentation might find frequent muscle aches that would cause one to move lesser.

With all the information given on plastic surgery, its types and the surgical methods, one should take extreme measures and precautions backed by heavy research and doctor appointments to check if their body is able to bear the surgery for a longer term without having to face the terrible consequences other women have faced due to lack of awareness before time. This way one would remain on the safer side with a healthy body and a lesser risk of losing their lives. We also wish Paul great luck with his proposed new Calgary plastic surgery clinic. Thank you for the interview.