Hear Sounds from Satellites

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Ever wondered of the humongous number of satellites that are hovering overhead in space providing us all the facilities for communication and essentially keeping the global economy running? These satellites observe the weather conditions, the ocean currents, atmosphere and other factors to accumulate data that is beamed back to the station to track changes. But ever thought, how fascinating it would be to be able to hear the sounds being produced while the satellites are in research and operation. Using the NASA Orbit Pavilion that comes into action in September, 2019 will turn these research activities into sound. It’s a nautilus shaped structure and will enable you to hear all sounds of different earth satellites and space station as each of them has been assigned a particular sounds.

Nasa’s Project

With each instrument being given a sounds representing its mission like crashing wave and desert winds. Its trajectory upon its motion is reflection via the 28 surround sound speakers. It intrigues the listener’s ears and attracts a lot of audience with tons of satellites crossing over and the International Space Station taking 16 rotations of the Earth each day. It was the brainchild of the Studio at Jet Propulsion Laboratory that aims to make these fascinating space explorations open to public spaces.

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The Orbit Pavilion

The travelling NASA Orbit Pavilion experiences trajectories of about 19 satellites orbiting the Earth. It is made with 3,500 square feet of water jet cut aluminium panels and the pavilion has been scribed with more than 100 orbital paths being fixed and joined to the curve arrangements of the aluminium tube. The speakers have been arranged within a 30 foot diameter inner space and has been programmed by the artist behind the scenes broadcasting the sounds of different satellites in practical time.

The sculpture is sound proof where the surface perforation help the echo off the orbital path of the satellites that culminate at the oculus of the centre of the sound chamber to help manage the exterior noise by decreasing the wind loads on a very light structure. It had been inaugurated during the World Science Festival and has since been looking to expand its venture for bringing space explorations and happenings closer to the public.


Based among the palm trees at the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens near Pasadena in California, you find this majestic and mysteriously light NASA orbit pavilion like a nautilus. According to the research, it helps to understand the activity and the Earth as a whole in a 17 foot tall structure. It presents a great opportunity for all the space enthusiasts and students to have a live overview of the sounds being produced and the action going on in the space while they are one the ground. It has been proudly supported by the JPL mark of NASA and has expanded its range and beaming to a great extent. It will also help in decoding space behaviour and patterns that a particular satellite discovers over a course of period by analysing its potency.


What are some of the amazing features to look out for in the driverless cars?

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Well we all know that there has been a great advancement in technology. Everything is simplified and made easy for the use and convenience of man. Most of the brands of cars out there in the market show a deep concern over the ratings of the crash safety of their vehicle. If driverless tech helps in reducing the rate of the car accidents on road, then the car companies will definitely want to look forward to this tech. there have been a lot of talks about this tech in the market. Let us have a look at the amazing features the driverless vehicles have to offer to their customers.

AI Chips are advancing, and autonomous cars are benefitting.

AI Chips are advancing, and autonomous cars are benefitting.


  • The benefit that is Al – inspired: The Al technology is being powered by these cars thus the impacts that it has will not stop at driving the cars. With the help of Al we will experience a whole new level when it comes to commuting.
  • Safety: there are many practical things that need to be considered when it comes to these cars. Also the safety will be well enhanced compared to the standard cars. But these driverless cars will also require a manual override.
  • Energy efficiency: they will have the ability to optimize the energy which is being expended during the drive. The basic ability to coordinate with the other cars on the road to minimize braking, accelerating and the other bad driving practises are among the few ways in which the companies could work on the improvement of the current designs.
  • More space for the living room: the way the space in your car is used will be all the more relaxing when you do not have to worry about being behind the wheels.
  • Solar power: the need of gasoline is being eliminated with the increasing demand of the electric cars. But the electric cars also need a source of natural resource. Harvesting in solar energy actually tends to be an echo – friendly solution and thus making a good and positive impact on the economy.
Tesla is innovating with electric autonomy.

Tesla is innovating with electric autonomy.

The new generation cars are considered to reduce the emissions by 60%. Another vital role the new generation cars will play is that there will be a decrease in the number of road accidents which are either caused due to rash driving or drunk driving. The driverless cars will also be beneficial in monitoring of the traffic. Also they will help find the most efficient and convenient route to your destination with the help of digital tools and the other advanced tools.

These new generation cars will play an important role in the future smart cities. In the future these cars will make sure that they stack themselves close to each other unlike today where the driver needs to find a suitable space for parking his car. There will be a lot of space saved in the urban areas. There will be no humans driving around thus this will probably save their time and will benefit their well – being as well as the economy.