What are some of the amazing features to look out for in the driverless cars?

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Well we all know that there has been a great advancement in technology. Everything is simplified and made easy for the use and convenience of man. Most of the brands of cars out there in the market show a deep concern over the ratings of the crash safety of their vehicle. If driverless tech helps in reducing the rate of the car accidents on road, then the car companies will definitely want to look forward to this tech. there have been a lot of talks about this tech in the market. Let us have a look at the amazing features the driverless vehicles have to offer to their customers.

AI Chip 1024x870 - What are some of the amazing features to look out for in the driverless cars?

AI Chips are advancing, and autonomous cars are benefitting.


  • The benefit that is Al – inspired: The Al technology is being powered by these cars thus the impacts that it has will not stop at driving the cars. With the help of Al we will experience a whole new level when it comes to commuting.
  • Safety: there are many practical things that need to be considered when it comes to these cars. Also the safety will be well enhanced compared to the standard cars. But these driverless cars will also require a manual override.
  • Energy efficiency: they will have the ability to optimize the energy which is being expended during the drive. The basic ability to coordinate with the other cars on the road to minimize braking, accelerating and the other bad driving practises are among the few ways in which the companies could work on the improvement of the current designs.
  • More space for the living room: the way the space in your car is used will be all the more relaxing when you do not have to worry about being behind the wheels.
  • Solar power: the need of gasoline is being eliminated with the increasing demand of the electric cars. But the electric cars also need a source of natural resource. Harvesting in solar energy actually tends to be an echo – friendly solution and thus making a good and positive impact on the economy.
tesla 1024x683 - What are some of the amazing features to look out for in the driverless cars?

Tesla is innovating with electric autonomy.

The new generation cars are considered to reduce the emissions by 60%. Another vital role the new generation cars will play is that there will be a decrease in the number of road accidents which are either caused due to rash driving or drunk driving. The driverless cars will also be beneficial in monitoring of the traffic. Also they will help find the most efficient and convenient route to your destination with the help of digital tools and the other advanced tools.

These new generation cars will play an important role in the future smart cities. In the future these cars will make sure that they stack themselves close to each other unlike today where the driver needs to find a suitable space for parking his car. There will be a lot of space saved in the urban areas. There will be no humans driving around thus this will probably save their time and will benefit their well – being as well as the economy.


The new age of plastic surgery

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Plastic surgery is the latest obsession that has taken the world by a storm; it not only makes one look better but helps in achieving and maintaining a certain kind of appearance.  It is also the easiest way of correcting ones imperfect features in order to look perfect. A successful plastic surgery that gives the desired results helps in boosting the confidence of the people and also helps in boosting one’s self esteem. With time there have been certain technological advancements in the field of plastic surgery, these major technological advancements can truly change the face of this filed in a few decades.

New technologies in the field of plastic surgery

4D technology, virtual interaction and prosthetic muscles are a few plastic surgery advances technology that can completely transform this field.  There are a lot of other technological innovations that can actually completely change the face of the field of plastic surgery like:

3dprint 1024x682 - The new age of plastic surgery

3D printing tech leads the way to build things in any shape and size.

  • 3D printing- This technology has been used in plastic surgery for modelling, which is for printing of the features and structures to make a person look good. With time 3D printers would become cheap and technology sophisticated; so the use of 3D printing for the generation of tissues and organs would eventually grow. It can also be used to replace the area with lost tissues. A lot of breast implants would be 3D printed in the future, which is great for cancer patients.
  • Personalized tissue engineering- Medical engineering is being already used for medical perspectives but in the future it can be used for growing physical structures like skin and ears in the lab. It is not easy to achieve this but if some extra efforts are put in then this can be a great success.
  • Transplanting complex structures- This is already being done and because of a technology like this full-face transplants have been successful till date. In the future it is said that the doctors would be able to control the immune system which will help in performing the transplantation of complex structures in a better way and on a wider spectrum.
  • Use of virtual reality- In a few years’ doctors would start using 3D virtual reality glasses for making consultations. These glasses would help the doctors to explain their patients what exactly they can expect from their surgery.
  • The RFID chips- In a matter of a few years’ surgeons are going to endorse the technology of RFID chips; which means that the breast implants in the future would come with radio frequency identification chips. These chips would keep all the information that is needed for to be retained related to the procedures.

Going under the knife is not easy and it is not only about positives but it can also involve certain risks that can cause a permanent damage or strain; there can also be psychological implications of going under the knife. So a person who is planning to get plastic surgery should do a proper research and consultation about plastic surgery and plastic surgery technology. For more information on plastic surgery, Calgary’s new plastic surgeon Paul gives us some great information!