The Goals and alternatives for Life Extension Technology

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The life extension process is a movement followed globally in the recent years with the application of long-term traditions. The Nobel laureate in the field of physiology Elie Metchnikoff first raised the concept of life extension in the period of early 1900.  Since then scientists have been following aging studies in order to reveal the various process of aging including damage to DNA, protein aggregation, and cellular senescence. Although, aging is not a disease it is the cause of major health problems in the world. Thus, the population of the world can gain huge benefits from Life Extension technology. Scientists have found several drugs that help the body to delay the aging process.

Prevention of diseases with Life Extension Technology

Since past few years, scientists are experimenting to make treatments that prevent the body against the aging process. These treatments have the best effects only when applied in a middle age. This stage is perfect for these treatments as it is the age when the symptoms of age-related issues start to rise in the body. The use of Life Extension Technology can help in the extension of healthy life period, and the illness period shifts further ahead. With the use of such technology, people in ages of fifty can pass for people with age of thirty. The symptoms of diseases like stroke, dementia, type two diabetes, and other such diseases can shift to the age of ninety’s with the help of these treatments. This might be able to release the pressure of the health care services.

Categories of Life Extension

DNA 1024x512 - The Goals and alternatives for Life Extension Technology

DNA tech advances can help with anti-aging.

Every category of life extension has its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

  • The most common approach to extend life is following the traditional scientific medical methods. The transplantation of organs, surgeries, cloning of organs are the most common medical facilities that help in delaying the aging process.
  • The therapies that treat body at the cellular level are another popular method in the field. Treatment at a cellular level increases the lifespan of the organs too a much greater extent.
  • The use of the technology of nano-bots in medical treatment is another way of delaying the aging process. The nano tech robots can operate inside the body and repairs damage to organs and aging from within.
  • Cloning is another advanced level of technology that can delay the aging process in a person. The complete transfer of the memory from an existing body to another freshly cloned body can prove effective in delaying the aging process.
  • If technology advances to an extent that cloning is achievable then it would be possible to transfer the consciousness of one person to an engineered human body. This way the life of a person can extend to a great extent.

The basic meaning of life extension is to extend the healthy tenure of the body without any diseases. Scientists are attempting to delay the aging process by developing treatments using the advanced Life Extension Technology.